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Take advantage of the cooler conditions to get your garden in top condition for winter growing, with our winter garden action plan.

Organic jute carry bags

Organic Gardener jute bags feature our beautiful strawberries illustration, and have handles long enough to go over your shoulder. Order yours now.

Accolades for Organic Gardener

We are proud to announce that we have won Publication of the Year (for the September/October 2013 issue) and Website of the Year at The 2013-14 HMAA Laurel Awards.

Essential Guide: Garden to Table

Learn more about growing, harvesting and cooking your own organic food in the next ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Garden to Table. Call now to pre-order - (02) 8877 0361.

Join us for lunch in Adelaide

Join Organic Gardener Editor Steve Payne, Diggers Club Founder Clive Blazey, and permaculture expert Graham Brookman for lunch at the stunning Adelaide Botanic Gardens Restaurant.

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Recent blogs

Agrarian Kitchen

Agrarian paradise

A veteran of hundreds of garden visits, JUSTIN RUSSELL finds fresh inspiration at Tasmania's Agrarian Kitchen.

Tahune Airwalk

Treetop wonder

JUSTIN RUSSELL gets a bird's eye view of Tasmania's southern forests at the Tahune Airwalk south of Hobart.

Steve's Kale, still flourishing 12 months after planting

Kale forever

Editor STEVE PAYNE begins a series of blogs sharing the successes, failures and surprises from his home garden.

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Making the citrus cut

PHIL DUDMAN explains how to prune citrus trees, in his HMAA Award-winning article.

Planting guides

Our simple planting guides will help you find out what plants grow best in
your region and when to plant them.


Gallery - Food Some of our glorious photographs of luscious food.


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Pests & Diseases

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