Win a gardening book pack!

Here's your chance to win three great books to help you while away winter!

Leaf Supply, by Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan, Smith Street Books, $49.95, is a guide to keeping happy houseplants. "Plants make people happy an we're huge believers that spaces filled with greenery are the best placs to inhabit," writes Camilleri. From information on living with plants (soil and fertiliser, water, light and temperatures to repotting and propagating) to succulents, cacti, foliage plants, and rare and unusual varieties, this book grows on you (LOLS).



Plantopedia, by Adrienne Barman, The Quatro Group, $29.99, is one to read with your children or grandchildren. It is an illustrated collection of amazing plants from all over the world, chosen for their unique traits and characteristics. Meet the 'evergreens', the 'edibles' and the 'elderly' plants that have outlived the dinosaurs in this alphabetically-ordered encyclopedia. Filled with fascinating flowers, curious crops and wonderful weeds, it will keep young explorers busy for hours.


Waterwise Plants and Gardening


Waterwise Plants and Gardening, by Kevin Walsh, New Holland, $34.95, sets out the six easy-to-use principles that will allow you to create a beautiful garden that not only uses water wisely, but also creates a resilient, sustainable and low maintenance environment. Waterwise Plants and Gardening also describes 400 of the best dry-tolerant plants, from large trees to small bulbs, and includes groundcovers, climbers, shrubs and perennials. Every plant is illustrated with a colour photograph, along with a full description and notes on growing conditions and maintenance. There are also lists to help you pick the right waterwise plant for the situation.

For your chance to win tell us, in 30 words or less, what’s your favourite houseplant and why?