Win one of 10 Seasol Hampers valued at $50 each!

Seasol hamper compWin one of 10 Seasol hampers!

For more than three decades Seasol has been manufacturing and marketing organic and environmentally friendly products. Its range of plant tonics, fertilisers and water-saving products are designed to help keep gardens and the planet green and beautiful. Seasol is a natural product made from a blend of brown kelps, including King Island bull kelp (Durvillaea potatorum), which is sustainably sourced from storm-cast material collected from remote Southern Ocean shores of Tasmania and King Island. 


  • 500ml Seasol Concentrate
  • 500ml PowerFeed Concentrate
  • 700gram Seasol Planting Gel
  • 250ml PowerFeed for Flowers, Fruit & Citrus
  • 1.5kg PowerFeed with Troforte
  • Seasol gloves
  • Seasol soap
  • Seasol pen
  • Brochure
  • Seasol or PowerFeed bucket.

For more visit Seasol or call 1800 335 508. 

To win, simply answer in 30 words or less: What part of your garden could benefit from a seed of Seasol?