Expert tips and advice on everything you need to know about what to grow—and harvest—now.

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What to plant now

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What to harvest now

Garlic and endive

Self-sown bonanza

Penny Woodward says she doesn't have to do anything, these vegies...

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Fruits & nuts

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Herbs & spices

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Red succulent, sedum

Succulent sedums

Sometimes we forget about the tough, hard working plants in our...

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Home-grown spuds

Gallery - Grow Our best photos of things growing

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Seeing the signs

Jerry shows how he uses the plants in his garden as reliable indicators of seasonal change in Brisbane’s unpredictable climate.

Caring for strawberries

Margaret Sirl demonstrates how to tend to your strawberries and propagate new plants from runners.

Putting waste to work

Costa visits an inner city garden packed full of productive plants where food waste is used to fuel the compost, chickens and abundant garden growth